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  1. IDOLpro IP-388 II

    IDOLpro IP-388 II 1400-watt 10-band LED Equalizer and Professional Karaoke Console Mixing Amplifier


    IDOLpro IP-388 II Recording/Bluetooth/HDMI/10 Band LED Equalizer 1400W Professional Console Mixing Amplifier

    Following it's tradition producing the best professional high quality karaoke products, IDOLpro introduces the new 2015 lineup with the IDOLpro IP-388 II. The newest feature added is the 10 band equalizer which allows you to professionally fine tune your speakers. The IDOLpro IP-388 also includes all necessary features for home karaoke such as HDMI, MP3G Player, Bluetooth, USB input,and much more advance features.

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  2. IDOLPRO IP-6000 II